Sep 21, 2014

How to Cope up with Agonies and Stress after Board Examinations

12:33 AM
One of the most stressful things to deal with after every examinations, be it a simple quiz or a licensure exams are the agonies of waiting for the big day which sometimes resulted to stress or even depression if not managed properly. Here are the tips you might consider to at least alleviate the worries and anxieties after the exam.

  1. Don’t overthink – It is a common behavior for an examinee to trace back the questions as well as the options presented. Retrieving references, asking with colleagues, to name a few just to satisfy whether the answer is precise or wrong. Good for few items but will only stress you out once turned in-depth on almost all of the questions given. Though tempting, try not to overthink. At the end of the day, you cannot modify the circles you have shaded. 
  2. Know the details of your exam – engage yourself with information with friends as well as those posted with reliable social networking fan pages giving you update about the details of your exams, reminders, announcements and possible release date. At least, it will lessen your mental and emotional pressure. 
  3. Divert your attention off exam results – Going off to somewhere every once in a while will divert your attention from overthinking about your exam. Plan for activities/pastime you can do with your family and friends. 
  4. Hope for the best, expect for the worst – a loose adage but deemed genuine especially when waiting for things you weren’t sure of. 
  5. Pray – no weapon is ever strong as belief in God. Seek for his guidance and call for good luck. 
Above are just few items which will help you to alleviate the stress. At the end, It all depends on how you handle it. Meanwhile, you can also post your suggestions concerning the same at our comment box right after.


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